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In some cases a line can't be unclogged by means of traditional drain cleaning when its broken. Older sewer lines shift, belly, or even collapse over time. At Santa Fe Express we have the most up to date video detection equipment to locate with pinpoint accuracy where the problem is.

From here we simply give you the decision to repair the problem or if a complete replacement may be ideal for you. When it comes to these types of projects, simply put: Get a professional who is experienced and does it all the time. That would be Santa Fe Express Plumbing and Drain.

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Santa Fe Express Plumbing, Santa Fe NM. 2014

Many times people try to save money by not hiring a professional plumber to perform a necessary repair. Often times that work is not done correctly. The cost of the original repair, plus the cost of a second repair, and any repair or replacement caused by the failure of an improper repair can skyrocket. Your time is valuable to you, and the best advice we can give you is let a professional plumber do it right the first time. Santa Fe Express plumbing and Drain has protected the health and well-being of our friends and neighbors in the New Mexico service area. Santa Fe Express Plumbing and Drain is here to serve you.