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Santa Fe Express Plumbing uses Trenchless no dig technology to replace the Gas lines without opening big trenches. Our Service provides Gas line replacement using the Trenchless technology.


This is a method of replacing an old Gas pipe with a new poly-pipe of the same or a larger inner diameter. Two holes are excavated in areas of replacement. A very minimum yard will be damaged in this process. The landscape will be covered with protectors so no landscape is damaged. The process is used in which the slice head is used to cut through the pipe from one point to the other.


In some cases trenchless toll is used to bore a hole from one hole to the other. The max length between holes varies. A poly-pipe or SDR pipe is then pulled through and the final connection are made. The inspections are done with the city inspectors. The system is flushed so all debris are released to deliver you required flow of Gas.


Further inspections are done for leaks and remaining debris is cleaned. A worse scenario is if the Gas main is completely broken which can completely block access to Gas for the affected building. Although local governments, controls all major Gas mains or access pipes to Gas mains and the utility company in your area is responsible to maintain and repair the gas problems up to the meter.


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Many times people try to save money by not hiring a professional plumber to perform a necessary repair. Often times that work is not done correctly. The cost of the original repair, plus the cost of a second repair, and any repair or replacement caused by the failure of an improper repair can skyrocket. Your time is valuable to you, and the best advice we can give you is let a professional plumber do it right the first time. Santa Fe Express plumbing and Drain has protected the health and well-being of our friends and neighbors in the New Mexico service area. Santa Fe Express Plumbing and Drain is here to serve you.